January 2015 note from Lisa


My first month as a full time artist has been eventful!

Started with a nice sendoff from my work family at Kalispell Regional Medical Center

worksendoffpartyAnd the next day I set off on a 3000 mile drive with my little dog Jojo from Montana to Florida.


I drove through a storm in Montana to S. Dakota and I-90 looked like this…..
IMG_2534when it was safe enough to take a picture. Montana and South Dakota are very big states when you are only going 45mph!

Well I finally made it with little time to spare. Mom immediately started helping me pack for my show in St. Petersburg, Florida which was the next day.


And then I was off and running!  My folks were very enthusiastic in celebrating my first big day as a full time artist on the road! (The pictures were even their idea.)


My first show was fun and safe…this little guy even showed up to make everyone laugh. Apparently the sunglasses keep gook from forming in his eyes.  Sure was cute!



My first show in Florida as a full time artist was not without it’s bumps. On my way back to the condo south of Vero Beach where my folks are staying I flushed my keys down the toilet. I was towed the rest of the way:(



After a few day’s rest Mom and I went to St. Augustine for our first sales trip together. St. Augustine was so intriguing…I know I’ll be back!



I even had an article in the St. Augustine newspaper!

compass newspaper


You can read this article here.

Now I’m just finishing off having a weekend off from shows which felt like a BIG LONG vacation.

This weekend I start again on a seven week stint. I’m a little scared, I’m going to have to change into “go” mode. It’s funny being on the road, but I’m getting used to it.

I’m very thankful at this chance to make a go of it.  This was the first Christmas I’ve spent with my parents in 12 years and it was SUCH a treat to be WARM in DECEMBER!  That’s crazy talk for this Montana girl.

I feel like friends and family have rallied for me all this time and they are still there for me cheering me on.  I’m looking forward to making some new announcements next month.

Warm wishes for a Happy New Year and thanks for your interested in my art, life, and maps.





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6 Responses to January 2015 note from Lisa

  1. Vicki Faulkner says:

    I love reading about your travel adventures, the part about flushing your keys is priceless. You are missing out on 19 inches of new snow & 2 degrees tonight here in Kalispell.
    Be safe!

  2. Vicki Faulkner says:

    The link to the Jan. winner goes in a loop.

  3. Sue Knopf says:

    Hi Lisa,
    What a wild trip! It looks like you’re having a wonderful time, and I hope the shows go very well. The maps are beautiful.


    • admin says:

      Thanks Sue! It’s sure been a whirlwind! Stop, go, up, down, slow, fast, stressed and bored! A real roller coaster. My parents have been great and thanks for all your help over the years!

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